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Jewellery Care Guide

Jewellery Care Guide

Taking care of your gold jewellery :

Yes, you heard it right. You don’t have to make a trip to your local jeweller every time your gold chains or rings start losing its sheen. One of the easiest and the most effective way to clean your gold ornaments is by using water and soap. Don’t be sceptical! A simple soap and water solution is all you need to clean plain gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, and other ornaments. Cleaning your plain gold jewellery with soap water rids it of accumulated dirt and oils. This method is one of the fastest ways to restore your gold jewellery’s shine without any hassles.

However, remember that you shouldn’t use this method to clean gemstone-studded pieces. We will get to that later. So how do you clean your plain gold ornaments with soap and water? Here you go.

  • First, take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Add mild soap and mix to form a solution. You can use mild detergents or a few drops of dishwashing liquid to make the solution.
  • Dip your gold jewellery into this mixture. Let it soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Next, rinse with cold water and lay it flat on a soft, clean, and dry cloth or towel. Let it air dry completely.
  • You can also use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt from the nooks and crannies. Don’t rub the jewellery hard, though.
  • Don’t forget to store it safely and properly, preferably in a jewellery box.
  • This soap-water-brush method can be used for cleaning jewellery made of yellow, white, and rose gold.

ALERT: Don’t use boiling or freezing cold water. Instead of tap water, you can also use sodium-free seltzer water or club soda. These carbonated liquids will loosen up the dirt accumulated in your jewellery. Alternatively, you can use a jewellery cleaning solution from a professional jeweller.

Taking care of your diamond jewellery :

Diamonds are timeless and can be handed from one generation to another. However, helping diamond live up to its name lies in your hands too! Khimji Jewellers provides you with some tips to keep your diamond jewellery shine always.

  • Diamond jewellery must be kept in a box lined with velvet.
  • Store each of your diamond ornaments separately by using tissue paper to avoid them from getting scratched.
  • Ensure you wash your hands before touching your diamond jewellery as your hands can pass on oil onto the ornaments. If possible, use your diamond jewellery occasionally.
  • Keep in mind to store your diamond jewellery separate from your gold jewellery. It may lose its luster otherwise.
  • To clean your diamond jewellery, dip it in a solution of warm water and detergent and swish it around for some time.
  • In case it is very dirty, use a soft brush to clear the dirt.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to pat dry your diamond jewellery.
  • You may also soak your diamond jewellery in a solution ammonia and cold water (1:1) for half an hour before using a brush to clean it.

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